"The Conveyor People"

Innovatively powering your production lines for over half a century.

Commitment to Environment

We are committed to provide products and services that are environmentally sound and to conduct our operations in a environmentally responsible manner.

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What We Do

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Consult with Lesco for all your facilities planning. Lesco will work with your company to plan or rework your system using "Lean Manufacturing" methodology. Lesco can generate material flow, cycle time studies and simulation models to produce a facilities layout that is sure to be efficient.

Use Lesco to write your bid specifications, hold your bid meeting, and perform the contractor review and award of contract.

Project Management

Lesco offers complete Project Management services for medium to heavy duty conveyor systems and structural steel projects. Our experienced Project Managers utilize the latest in project management and collaboration software including Prolog, Primavera and Microsoft Project.

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Engineering / Design

Lesco employs 25 full time Engineers / Designers working from out LaGrange, Kentucky and Wixom, Michigan offices in addition to each of our project sites. Lesco utilizes the latest in CAD, 3D modeling,simulation and design software which includes AutoCAD, Inventor, FactoryCAD, AutoMOD and SDS./2.

Material Handling

Overhead Conveyors

Overhead conveyors are one of the most universal methods of material handling. whether you are looking for a new system or you want to integrate with an existing system, Lesco can design, fabricate and install your system to your requirements.

Floor Conveyors and Lifts

Lesco designs and builds a complete line of floor conveyors and lifts. Whether moving your product vertically or horizontally, Lesco engineers will design a system to provide maximum product flow.

Bulk, Package and Pallet Handling

No matter what your handling requirements are, whether it be bulk, package, baggage or pallet, Lesco has the capability to design, build and install a system that will provide maximum efficiency.

Structural Steel

We apply the same high quality engineering, fabrication, erection and project management to structural steel as we do to material handling systems. Emphasis is on safety, quality of fabrication, ease of erection and cost efficiency. With our extensive array of equipment we can handle fabrication in-house to ensure precision.

Vehicle Loading Ramps

Lesco vehicle loading / unloading ramps are state-of-the-art, backed by a superior reputation and dedication to quality and service. We incorporate over 57 years of automotive material handling expertise into every ramp we produce.

Ancillary Services

Lesco offers a variety of ancillary services from special design and build applications and machinery installation to piping and duct design. Another custom service Lesco offers is plant maintenance. We can work with you to conduct machinery health assessments, decommission or relocate equipment and processes, and conduct civil engineering prjects such as pits, trenches and watershed studies. Lesco can also work with you to set up preventative maintenance programs allowing you to focus on your core business initiatives.

Save Time and Effort

Let Lesco Handle the Bulk of your Business.

Let Lesco Handle the Bulk of Your Business

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Fabrication Resources

We currently have over 115,000 square feet of manufacturing
space and 100 full-time shop fabricators and machinists. Synergistic working relationships with several Louisville regional manufacturers as well as Detroit area firms, give us the ability to handle excess capacity issues during constricted schedule periods. All subcontracted fabrication, when necessary, is under close scrutiny of our Manufacturing Manager and dedicated Project Engineers.

Geographic Capabilities

Lesco has the ability to perform work anywhere in North America. Recently, in addition to continental U.S. locations, we have completed projects in both Canada and Mexico.

Our Clients